User Terminal


The OW70L is a dual parabolic 12 dB/K LEO antenna with 3 axis stabilization platform allowing seamless and undisrupted connectivity for LEO handovers.

D 84.5 cm x H 77.0 cm
Primary: 33 kg, Secondary: 32 kg


The OW50SL is the first single parabolic 9 dB/K LEO antenna that integrates complex satellite communications technology specially designed into a simple UT.

D 73.5 cm x H 57.7 cm
23 kg


An Electronically Scanned Array (ESA), Full Duplex Flat Panel UT, with the ability to electronically scan over a wide field of view to enable seamless beam and satellite handovers.

W 95 cm x L 50 cm x H 15 cm
18 kg


As a Half Duplex Flat Panel UT, The OW10HL is capable to offer services for cellular backhaul, community broadband, and civil government applications.

W 54 cm x L 40 cm x H 15 cm
8 kg

Hawk U8

Hawk U8 is a turnkey terminal, mounts quickly on vehicles, and is ready to provide on-the-go communications when and where you need it.

W 89.5 cm x L 89.5 cm x H 14 cm
34 kg

Key Advantage

  • High bandwidth, low latency internet Connectivity

    BuanterOne utilizes LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites with a distance of 1,200 km, providing high bandwidth - High throughput of download up to 195 mbps and upload up to 32 mbps and low latency of around 70-100ms.

  • Global connectivity from space

    The BuanterOne satellite orbits through the polar path, ensuring that no forgotten places in Indonesia or even the world are missed in this connectivity service. From remote islands to the farthest hinterlands, BuanterOne is here to bring everyone reliable and equal internet access.

  • Flexible plans and SLA-based service

    With a high service level SLA reaching 99.5% comprehensive global coverage, we ensure that your internet connection will not be interrupted.

Delivering LEO Connectivity for New Network Solutions

Connect With Confidence

Featuring 600+ LEO satellites, each satellite can connect seamlessly to the antennas (User Terminals) and ground segment, transmitting data in real-time and at high speed as they fly.

Multiple User Terminal Design

Has various types of range, starting from tracking parabolic to flat panels that are tailored to the terrain and customer needs.

Guaranted CIR

Guaranteed priority bandwidth for BuanterOne services, which can improve service quality and reliability.

Global Connectivity







Find Your Solution

Remote Area

New low-latency solutions will help connect local communities or enterprises as well as bridge remote and rural areas closer to the world.



Our maritime services are enabling modern fleet management and transforming how vessels are connected at sea.



Delivering consistent high-speed connectivity, enabling automated solutions, vehicle telemetry, remote asset monitoring, and crew welfare.


Oil & Gas

Enabling faster and larger data allowances, helping the oil & gas industry improve and optimize their operations.


Land Mobility

Our network solutions keep you reliably connected every time, everywhere on the move.



Low Earth Orbit satellite services will assist farmers in having access to real-time data allows real-time decision making when time is of the essence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BuanterOne uses LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite constellation with a distance of 1,200 km from the earth, providing low latency of around 70-100ms with wide global coverage to ensure no place is missed this connectivity service, from remote islands to the farthest inland.
BuanterOne offers land and maritime segment services offering seamless, secure voice and data communications in the land segment, and allows units to establish along with maintain a tactical advantage against even the most competent opponents in the maritime segment.
“Whatever your industry, we connect you to the future”. BuanterOne is very suitable for various industries, especially industries that have site locations in inland areas and in the middle of the ocean, and are suitable for services or applications that are very sensitive to latency.